My Services

  • Custom Master Yearly Tracker: Complete overview of all critical practice stats for the current year and comparisons to previous year statistics. This information is a year at a glance and pulled from your software reports and chairside trackers.
  • Daily Chairside Tracker to measure a patient’s leaving complete; open time, production, hourly production, daily production goals, hygiene retention treatment need, and treatment acceptance
  • Overhead review, analysis, and planning
  • Fee analysis
  • Further training in utilizing software
  • Administrative, Clinical Chart Prep system and Morning Huddles implementation
  • Training for effective team meetings
  • Complete Case Management follow up strategies
  • Implementing the New Patient Experience
  • New Patient Welcome kit
  • Continuing Care follow up strategies
  • Training on your dental software
  • Collection strategy in two parts (first clean up, weekly billing and dismissal, and collection letters). The second phase carefully implements a very quick follow-up protocol on a delinquent account before sending out the second billing statement. The team’s responsibility is to continuously collect the co-payment on the initial date of service to fix the problem while cleaning up the past.
  • Perio Program
  • Scheduling Strategies to improve overall production and flow of the day
  • Marketing (internal)
  • Office Manual
  • Job Descriptions
  • Custom team evaluations
  • Overall Verbal skills training for the staff
  • Creation of any needed in office forms
  • Custom follow up practice letters
  • Transition “internal” protocols for the team; selling and purchasing an existing practice

Ongoing monthly conference calls in between in office consulting visits, this is a no fee for service for all active clients

Regular evaluations on fine tuning all of the above and adding additional recommendations for forward progress through out the consulting process